Sunday, December 19, 2010

newly new :)

hello again!
so i have pimplified this blog. i think the old want is boring,but then,does this new one improves? it's your call really. ahh.
anndd i also make a chat box down the ' letters of credence ' thingy so do drop ur comments n i'll try to reply to it. :)

It never ends. =0


I feel like writing. :)
Attention : this is going to be a long post and i'll bet it's gonna be deadly BORING. There's no picture,so it's just grey wall filled with inks. I don't see any reasons why people would read this but i'm just going to try my luck and just write n write n write. Haha. Thanks if you're reading up until here only and thank you even more if you bear with me n read till the end. Jeez,i've been saying thanks a lot that it would totally bored you. Ahha. But seriously,thanks,i appreciate it. :)

So,i've just got back from vacation. 4 days n 3 nites.
1st day,last thursday : at kuantan,went to cerating.
2nd day,last friday : went to kelantan,stop by at terengganu on the way. Makan kropok lekor. Haha,in kelantan,ate nasi kerabu n nasi dagang. Haha food loves me! Eh?
3rd day,last saturday : went to ipoh,perak
4th day,today! Sunday : still at perak,pegi pasar karat. Pasar full with barang antik. Wahh. Then went home.

Alright,back to present,right now i feel like a total crap. :(
There's a lot of reasons :
1. Sis,tak yah pegi melaka eh? Hmm,yeah,my sister is going to Uitm melaka for her studies. Eh,betul ke ayat ni?
2. Why did this word kept popping up! : SPM. Everyone is like keep preparing for it,and it starts to freak me out!
Don't get it wrong,i'm not blaming everyone,keep up the good work and study people. I'm just dissapointed with myself,focus fira! Ah shit,this SPM thing is like a constant stomachache or rather a heartache for me. Haha. I know i'm making a big deal about this,and i know this will sound soo nerrdyy. Haha.

So ,that's all. Cheers if you're reading up till here. ;D


Sunday, December 12, 2010

A week has passed! :D


So yeah, a week has passed. And i've got to say that this week is soo fun.
Though with consequences. Haha. I am soo tired.

Let me fill u in with news of what i did on this week.
Soo,my house has setted up with wi-fi quite a week ago,and i onlined every single night till past midnight.

On Monday i woke up early,went to mid valley with family to buy this e-cigarrette thingy. Then i don't really remember where did we go after that but we reached home pretty late. And like i said,i onlined till past midnight.

Then tuesday,wake up early again. Went shopping with my dear sister. Ate at Carl's Jr. Delicious. :) i've bought myself a new ukulele strings too.

Wednesday, wake up early. And this time really early. Went out with my sister and her friends watching movies : social network. Go and watch it. Haha.

Thursday, finally got myself a lil' bit of rest. Though still not enough for me. Haha. Oh yeah,thursday went to clinic. My sis has a fever. Then,have dinner at malee tomyam.

Friday went to settle bills,go and see the dentist. Eerghh. Haha.

Saturday went to melaka. Went to melaka parade,dataran pahlawan and all.

Then today, firstly we went to the summit USJ. Then headed to jusco bukit tinggi. Then i don't know where we went. Haha. I was so exhausted that i've knocked out in the car. Haha. Wake up and realised that it's night already and we are at the bagan lalang beach. Haha.
So we ate seafood there and then we headed home.

So now here i am,blogging at 1 in the morning.
Basically all of this shit talk was that :

I am soo tired. But i have had really much fun. Haha

P.s. = i've talked a lot here,so i guess there will be so many mistakes. My grammar and all. Sorry if u don't understand at all at what i am talking about. Lol. ;D

Have a great day!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Dental care. Ahh. =(

Hi there! =p

So today,me n my family went to settle bills and all sorts of stuff. Then,while my mom went to renew my sister's driving license,my dad n us went to the dentist.

My sister want to do the scaling and stuff. And that was so scary! Haha!
There's BLOOD everywhere. Geez. I'm so dramatic hah? But seriously that freaks me out. Haha.
So,the point is,im scared of dentist.

Haha,so that's all for today. Im making a big deal out of the dentist thingy right?
Have a great evening guys! =p


Thursday, December 9, 2010


Happy Thursday!

Woah, long time I did not update this page, so sorry about that.
This tiny device that I've been using to onlining can't seem to change the colours of the words on this blog.
And my previous page's background is black so I pimplified it to be grey.
So now the words can be seen. Get it? Haha,I dont know why, but my talk got all twisted this passed few days.

Anyways, quick update for my holidays.
I went to Sarawak,that was fun. Lol.
Then, went to Ipoh,that's twice. Visit my uncle and all.
Then, went to Cameron highland,stays a night there.
Then,headed to lumut the next day, but didn't go to pangkor. That's too bad.
So, back home,went out with my sister, shopping, watching movies.
So that's pretty much it.

p.s. = ah shit, my page looks so dull! Lol. Sorry for that you guys.

Haha, thank you for reading this AMAZING people!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

a little help?

hi great people.

alright,since exams already finished quite a week ago, i think i want to paint my room.
i've got this one paint in my mind ,but i don't know where i can get it. the paint is =


ahh,i don't know where to get it,i think i should change my idea,but it would be amazingly sick if my bedroom walls can glows!
ahh,i want it. mummy daddy please get me one? hehe.

anyways,so do you know where i can get one?
tell me if you know okay? thanks.

lots of love,

Friday, November 12, 2010



ah,today i'm quite happy!
haha,i don't knoe why though,i'm just happy. crazy and weird aite?

hmm,let's see what i have in mind for now,i am glad that=
1. monday might be the last day of school for this year.
2. there's like 2 months (give or take) that i'm FREE!
3. tomorrrow is the weekend.
4. monday is coming nearer and i can watch sungkyunkwan scandal (korean drama). haha,this might sound funny but i like it.

well,that's pretty much it.
alright then,have a greaat day. bye!

lots of love,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


hi amazing people!

so today is just normal for me,a typical sad wednesday day! lol. (does that makes sense at all?)

anyway,so today is quite depressing.
went to school,seat for 2 exam papers.
then,went home,try to learn my favourite song on ukulele,but it turned out like shit. haha.
i'm just too dumb to play the ukulele. =(
ahh,pretty much that's all what i did for today.
i'll write again later then!

bye,thanks for reading this! =p

lots of love,

Monday, September 6, 2010

monday boredness=woooooeeeeiiiiii!

hello people!

ahh,have any idea what i should do? hmm.

what i did today=
1. sleep
2. wake up.
3. sleep
4. wake up.
5. just chilling.
7. downloading.
8. blogging.

ahh,quite pathetic. lol. =p

anyway,happy fasting n happy holiday people!

lots of love,

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


hi everybody.

so,words for this month=

haaah. the past few weeks is just 'GREAT!'
things are just not in the right place. =(
it seems i'm moving backwards instead of moving forward.
and this pc just can't seem to go faster! lol

aahhh. wtf? the question is it's either things are not good enough or am i just asking for more? so yeah,i'll figure it out for myself.
and i thought it's about time i deserve some RESPECT! lol

so,notes for myself=

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sixteen years and still counting.

pheww,so today is my birthday and thanks to GOD that i'm still alive! haha
today is soo freaking awesome!
thank you so much mama,abah and sis ash for the great surprise on my birhtday! i love it and i love you guys till my last breath =)
i also like this greeny little ticking monster you guys gave me for my birthday. =0

then my mama,abah n sis plan a surprise birthday party for me. so just now at school,my mom with my friends did the surprise birthday party for me. yeah, thank you so much you guys,i love it.

food and my cake! yum

hee =)

lol. ah yes,thanks everyone for the wishes,birthday songs, and presents. i appreciate it.

lots of love,

Friday, July 23, 2010

this week.

hello everyone!
so today,weirdly enough i feel like writing. haha
this week was just normal for me.
i've made a fool of myself a couple of times in class. ah wait,it's last last week. haha.
then wednesday i had a fever. that day was hard since i am too good to skip school(yeah right,lol,but i did went to school tho')
it was okay in the morning,then when afternoon came,it's just got worst.
then went home n sleep n sleep.
ah, that's pretty much what happened this week. (did i spell 'happened' right? lol)
and tomorrow gotta go camping at school. ah GREAT! =(
Anyway,note to self this week=
try not to take sleeping pills! haha!
lots of love,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sad wednesday.

hello everyone!
yeah,i've noticed everytime i wrote something,i'll sound veryy down indeed.
well,today it seems like there's no difference at all.
i have this problem inside my mind, and at last i'll end up in a state of depression.
i will think too much,and i'll worry too much because everything is lower beyond my expectations.
i really wish i had the eyes of watching things in a positive way,but it only lasts for seconds.
so yeah,shit happens.
i'm not a happy person,i know that. haha.
ah well,hoping for august to come really fast,2 of my favourite band are going to release a brand new album.
lets just hope for a great august shall we?
lots of love

Thursday, May 27, 2010

happy afternoon!

hello great people!

holiday starts now!

haha,actually,i'm already on holiday for a couple of days early, due to this problem i had.

so i just skip school yesterday n today b'coz i want to run away from it.

wo,yeah i know,running away is no good,so dont try it at home. haha.

ah well,now i have 2 weeks FREE and i will forget the issues until school starts back,

so i just wanna wish you guys a verryy happpyyy holidayyy!

lots of love,


take a look in my mind,
i've done everything i never cared for,
today let me sit here in silence,
i just need it.
artword by,

thursday thursday.

hello there sassy pants!
woah,ive come to decision that,this month is the worst month of all..
everything is tearing apart. =(
ah well,on the brighter side,tomorrow im going to teluk cempedak! haha,then maybe we're going to cherating also. wow.
i dunno but currently i'm kinda sick of home.
alright,that's all for now.
i dunno if there's anyone will read this or not,haha nevertheless,i just write what's on my mind.
thanks to YOU for reading this.
you're AWESOME! =p
lots of love,

Friday, April 16, 2010


Here's a quetion,

Why we praised the hero?

And only to him?

Why we've forgotten,

The others?

When they are our true saviours.

Are we've been deceived,

By the hero?

A highly accomplished,


happy fridayy!

hello great people!
hehe,yeah,its been a really long time i didnt post anything.
today im so bored hmm =(
i dont really know wat to say eh, =0
alright alright,that's all,haha,i'll post some artwords later, brand new one. haha
have a nice day!
lots of love,

Friday, March 12, 2010

woah oh

happy evening!

wow,it's been a long time since i wrote the last post.

emm. i dont noe wat to say eh..

well,things just get harder in life,that's all that happened.

hoping to find some strength to face it apparently rite now.

try to help me? =)

anyway,happy holiday yu guys!

have a great day!

lots of love,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

great holiday!

so last saturday my family n i went on vacation around east coast of malaysia!
thanx mama n abah for being such great parents! i had the time of my life this holiday.
here's some pictures=

my dream sweet 16 present! haha!

belum rainforest!

kelantan-thailand border

pantai kemasik


shopping for pendants.

it will be legal when i'm 18. haha!

crazy family!

this is my ozzie! n yeah,i do talk to him. hehe

potential siamese


masjid kristal terengganu

mama n abah.

me n my sis

love the tide. hehe


crystal clear.

bila masing2 dah gedik. hehe

my sister!

pantai balok,cherating.
alrite,that's all fer now,have a nice day!
lots of love,

Friday, February 12, 2010

friday friday

yeah! have a happy holiday n chinese new year everone!

lots of love,


Sunday, February 7, 2010

sore throat.

good morning!

blurgh,i hate last thursday. i've got class till 2.15pm then i have to stayed back for house practice.

it was so tiring. then that evening it started to rain n i dont even try to avoid walking under the rain. heh? did i put the words in the rite way? haha,nevermind.

and results?

yesterday,sunday, i got caught in a flu. shit,n my throat is hurting me. emm.

anyway,yeah i really hate last thursday,we even had our PE class n we all played 'bola baling'.
n like usual no1 let me get too near the ball. haha!

there's this one girl even changed her direction when she saw me standing there. shit her. lol.

but at least insyirah did! yeay! haha,syira thanx for trusting me eventhough i'm a shit player! u're awesome! haha!

alright,that's all for now.

have a nice day everyone!

lots of love,

Sunday, January 24, 2010


the carnage,
saddens me.
the carnage,
saddens me.
come on,
put your jacket on,
lace up your shoes,
lets work our way,
to a scene,
where people lives in peace.
for we live in this world,
for just this once.
we live in this world,
just this once.
come on,
lets lead our life,
in peace.
atrword by,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

idiot cunt

can't have let you,
living your life,
in your own thoughts.
every wasted second,
you curled your lips into a smile,
thinking you're closed to God.
it fucking disturbs my mind.
wake the fuck up!
you sentence us,
by what you have looked.
you don't fucking know us.
you don't fucking know the future.
you son of a bitch!
shut the fuck up,
coz you don't even know the truth,
about this rope,
we're holding tight to.
you're just humiliating,
artword by,

ateng ateng!

dear ateng,
haha,ateng nak pindaah ye? =(
er,ateng,sori taw kalo me buat salah then ateng da trase,sori taw2..
then,gud luck kat skola baru tu. jgn lupa kite org.
erm,then sori xdtg farewell party tu. =(
nnt cuti jum outing! =p
okayla,we will miss u n we love yu!
have a nice day ateng! =p
lots of love,

Friday, January 8, 2010

first week?

happy saturday!
yeah,it's been a week since school starts.
so my fisrt week is just the same as my everyday experience in school. It sucks big time.
ah,wat a loser i am. haha.
anyway,i just learned something = to just shut the fuck up.
hmm,this year i dont really want to be in a fight. i just think it's stupid.
i dont like people to think im 2 face or something.
well,if you do, you might need to ask people whether i talk trashed 'bout u or not coz if u havent notice,i never talk trashed.
i may have done it and not remember it in the past,God knows,and i'm sorry, i regret it with all my hearts.
so yeah,i'm sorry without reasons. i'm just sorry if you're hurt by what i've done.
have a nice day.
lots of love,