Wednesday, November 30, 2011

freedom =)

hi there!
ooh,blog ni dah mati untuk masa yang agak lama dah.
but i'm here alreadeh!

quick update ;

SPM is over dy!! hehe

so,now dah after beberapa bulan since i wrote the last post,a lot of things happen dy.
now i feel older =.=
and i see things quite differently now.
i don't know whether it's for the better or for the worse cause i'm quite lost at sea sometimes.
speaking of sea,i feel like want to travel by the means of water transportation! yes my friends,sailing a ship would be cool. (drive kereta pun tak boleh,nak bawak kapal pfft)
okay takda point,it's okay. but waaiiit.., that's the point!
this bring me to another topic! i like to talk pointless stuff,ooh..
and my sis is the only one who understand what i'm talking about haha
well it's okay then, cause i'm COOL that way ececeeh =)

conclusion is,if you understand what i'm trying to say,give yourself a round of applause teehee =)

alright,have a great day people!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Good night

This is not enough.
I have failed you again.
I'm sorry.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's tuesday, long way to friday ahh. Quick message,

Have an amazing week!


Thursday, July 21, 2011



long time no see eh?
i have no idea what i should do,hmm. so here i am! =p
okay,today's post is random,i'll post whatever that comes out of my mind ye. =)

haha yeah! i should drop out of school. i listen to advice you see,i don't want to be dinner ;)

ahh,i have a sweet tooth <3 this is bad,not good for your health,ah well

okay i want to open a bakery just like this one. nice :)

lavender farm <3 take me there!

alright,random pictures from me,

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hey monday!

The grass is greener on the other side :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Heeey! :)


Ahh,at last i'm posting a blog hehe :)
So yeah,it's been a long time since i post anything and i don't even know what to say now. :(
So,quick message to all,
It's the weekend so have a great one :)

Till then amazing people,
Fira :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


it's FRIDAAAYY! haha. weekend mood starts now!

btw,just wanna let this one out = I AM TIRED OF EVERYTHING =(
my frustration level is wayy too high now! so let's follow this step below shall we? =

lol! =p


Sunday, April 3, 2011



Hmm,tomorrow is a school day. Hate it. Maybe if i go to school more often,then i'll know what a school is eh? Ahhh, i don't know what to say, the cliche phrase : words can't really express my emotion right now. Haha,ohh,that's so cliche,don't you think so? Ah well,that's it. Crap my way from the start,going to end it now.

Have a great week ahead of ya! (praying hard so that friday would come faster :p )


Friday, March 11, 2011

wishlists! =)

Hai hai!

It's 11pm and i 'm kinda bored. so i've come up with a topic to post about. it's about '5 things i wish i could do right NOW' =) so here goes:

1. Tokyoo! i want to go to tokyo,japan =)

2. and then it leads to my second wish,which is to have the entire collection of everthing-you-could-find comics! I've heard that tokyo is quite famous with comics,am i wrong? haha! just look at this room down here,full with comics! ahh <3

3. my third wish is to own my very own shop. not just a typical shop,i want it to look modern and cool and yet quite messy probably? eh? haha, that's how this picture down here looks to my eye and i love it! it's exactly like what i've said just now and what i've always wanted! check it out :
modern,cool,messy! nice!

4. this one is quite random. i wish i can play on this carousel again. but can't though,i'm too big for this thing LOOOL! =( last wish for now. i want to meet Mr. Drew! he is such a great artist! =)

ahhh,that's it. i just think of this wish just now, since i have nothing to think about apparently! haha! it may change over time,my wish. well,people do change right? for the better or for the worst,i don't know but it will happen for sho'! =p

lasstly,happy holiday amazing people!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fira's rant for the day :)


It's friday yesh! That means the weekend mood starts now :)
So there's this one issue i've got in mind,it's boring to you maybe but it's IMPORTANT for me.
I think that kids nowadays are RUDE to their elders,dont yu think so? I've met with a lot of people who always banging/throwing stuff just to let their anger out. I dont care if you do that but i do care when there's someone older near you when u're doing it. For instance the teacher is right in front of you and yet you kept throwing stuff,kick the chair out of ur way and all. Show some fucking respect dude! Dont act like that! That's freaking rude!

Alright that's my rant for today haha!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm hurt.

Hi amazing people?

Yeah,my finger is like currently bleeding right now

Haha,i'm too dramatic,i take this picture from the internet
Honestly,the bleeding is not severe like the picture,i'm just exaggerating i guess haha
Anyways,today i have a really bad luck,
Got myself into an accident,well,twice actually.
Firstly,some asshole hit our car while we were driving in our own lane.
Then,the guy just drove off,so me and my mom went to the police station and settle things there,make report la and all.
Then the police said that we can't claim the asshole's insurance if he didn't make a report about the accident in this 24 hours.
So now,let's just hope that punk have a lil' bit of conscience in him and report it. Fat chance. Ah shit him lol.

Anyways,so the second accident is just now,my pinky tersepit kat in between meja yg boleh lipat2 tu. Get it? Haha
So yeah,quite a bad day,but i am okay. Better than the days that i'm having last week. Actually today i'm not depressed at all! Great for me,bad for the haters out there boohoo!! :P
Just pissed off back then and now i am okay with the way things roll,hope it lasts for a long time :)

Alright that's it for today,
Have a nice day!

Lots of love,

Monday, January 31, 2011

Emotional tuesday :(


So yeah,i'm just gonna jot down what i'm feeling right now :
1. It's sad to think that there's no one will read this blog. But i'll just keep writing cause i don't know,i just take this blog as my diary then. It feels so much better after writing every problems that i have down in here. So yeah, fuck it haha.
2. I think that i'm moving backwards instead of moving forward. Like i am forgotten,ah well,i think i'll always be forgotten. Like i said,i'll accept the fact that i am ordinary hmm.
3. I watched everyone is like reaching for their goal and honestly,i don't see my goal from where i stand right now.
4. Like seriously i am depressed about pretty much everything right now. Just hoping away that i can see in a positive way on what's happening. Kinda like this picture-

Yeah,i wish i can see rainbows,(metaphorically speaking ohhkay haha). That way every bitter things looks okay and not that hard.

(p/s:Is this picture too big? I don't know,i've been posting using ipod so its a lil' bit tricky to post pictures)

Alright,that's it for now. Happy holidaayys and chinese new yearrr people!!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Emotional much?

This picture is pretty. Anyways,several things to jot down for the day=
1. So it has been 4 days that i've been sad. Haha
2. I have issues
3. Can i cried out loud right now? Apparently not,don't want my parents to get worried.
4. But i don't want to be depressed.
5. I want to be happy instead.
6. There's these theory = adrienne's theory i think? Sorry for the wrong spelling. My dad said that this theory explains a person like myself. The theory says that i'm the one who makes myself like i am now. For instance,i am a shy person because i myself thinks like there's something wrong with me. So basically i'm to blame. Get it? Oh yeah,i'm not sure of the theory is exactly like what i have just said or not. Didn't check about it yet,i've just heard about it from someone else so i'm not sure if the theory is right or not.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tough times

There's so many things that has transpired.
There's so many things in my mind right now.
There's so many times i've had a breakdown.
I've got nothing now.
The shit is fucked up.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

3.45 am. Sunday already. :(


So i just went to melaka this morning.
Went to see my sis,then since we have nowhere to go,we went to muar,johor for a while,makan goren pisan.
Then send back my sis kat hostel. Hmm :(
Conclusion : goodbyes are hard. Hate it.

So back at home at twelve just now,watch movies and all up till now.
Yah,i noticed that when i'm sad,i like to blogging. Hmm
Anyways,after watching movies......
Something hits me :

Mission : wake up fira!( stop daydreaming and start to live in this reality)! Reality is really harsh though.
Ohh,is it true that dreaming is the kickstart for success? Pretty much it doesn't work that way for me.

So note to self:
Just hope away and keep the faith fira! ;F


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Not so great new year?

So this brand new year started like a piece of crap.
Had to send my sissy to melaka for her studies.
So i am feeling rather down right now. Hmm :(

Just wanna say,