Thursday, February 18, 2010

great holiday!

so last saturday my family n i went on vacation around east coast of malaysia!
thanx mama n abah for being such great parents! i had the time of my life this holiday.
here's some pictures=

my dream sweet 16 present! haha!

belum rainforest!

kelantan-thailand border

pantai kemasik


shopping for pendants.

it will be legal when i'm 18. haha!

crazy family!

this is my ozzie! n yeah,i do talk to him. hehe

potential siamese


masjid kristal terengganu

mama n abah.

me n my sis

love the tide. hehe


crystal clear.

bila masing2 dah gedik. hehe

my sister!

pantai balok,cherating.
alrite,that's all fer now,have a nice day!
lots of love,

Friday, February 12, 2010

friday friday

yeah! have a happy holiday n chinese new year everone!

lots of love,


Sunday, February 7, 2010

sore throat.

good morning!

blurgh,i hate last thursday. i've got class till 2.15pm then i have to stayed back for house practice.

it was so tiring. then that evening it started to rain n i dont even try to avoid walking under the rain. heh? did i put the words in the rite way? haha,nevermind.

and results?

yesterday,sunday, i got caught in a flu. shit,n my throat is hurting me. emm.

anyway,yeah i really hate last thursday,we even had our PE class n we all played 'bola baling'.
n like usual no1 let me get too near the ball. haha!

there's this one girl even changed her direction when she saw me standing there. shit her. lol.

but at least insyirah did! yeay! haha,syira thanx for trusting me eventhough i'm a shit player! u're awesome! haha!

alright,that's all for now.

have a nice day everyone!

lots of love,