Monday, January 31, 2011

Emotional tuesday :(


So yeah,i'm just gonna jot down what i'm feeling right now :
1. It's sad to think that there's no one will read this blog. But i'll just keep writing cause i don't know,i just take this blog as my diary then. It feels so much better after writing every problems that i have down in here. So yeah, fuck it haha.
2. I think that i'm moving backwards instead of moving forward. Like i am forgotten,ah well,i think i'll always be forgotten. Like i said,i'll accept the fact that i am ordinary hmm.
3. I watched everyone is like reaching for their goal and honestly,i don't see my goal from where i stand right now.
4. Like seriously i am depressed about pretty much everything right now. Just hoping away that i can see in a positive way on what's happening. Kinda like this picture-

Yeah,i wish i can see rainbows,(metaphorically speaking ohhkay haha). That way every bitter things looks okay and not that hard.

(p/s:Is this picture too big? I don't know,i've been posting using ipod so its a lil' bit tricky to post pictures)

Alright,that's it for now. Happy holidaayys and chinese new yearrr people!!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Emotional much?

This picture is pretty. Anyways,several things to jot down for the day=
1. So it has been 4 days that i've been sad. Haha
2. I have issues
3. Can i cried out loud right now? Apparently not,don't want my parents to get worried.
4. But i don't want to be depressed.
5. I want to be happy instead.
6. There's these theory = adrienne's theory i think? Sorry for the wrong spelling. My dad said that this theory explains a person like myself. The theory says that i'm the one who makes myself like i am now. For instance,i am a shy person because i myself thinks like there's something wrong with me. So basically i'm to blame. Get it? Oh yeah,i'm not sure of the theory is exactly like what i have just said or not. Didn't check about it yet,i've just heard about it from someone else so i'm not sure if the theory is right or not.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tough times

There's so many things that has transpired.
There's so many things in my mind right now.
There's so many times i've had a breakdown.
I've got nothing now.
The shit is fucked up.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

3.45 am. Sunday already. :(


So i just went to melaka this morning.
Went to see my sis,then since we have nowhere to go,we went to muar,johor for a while,makan goren pisan.
Then send back my sis kat hostel. Hmm :(
Conclusion : goodbyes are hard. Hate it.

So back at home at twelve just now,watch movies and all up till now.
Yah,i noticed that when i'm sad,i like to blogging. Hmm
Anyways,after watching movies......
Something hits me :

Mission : wake up fira!( stop daydreaming and start to live in this reality)! Reality is really harsh though.
Ohh,is it true that dreaming is the kickstart for success? Pretty much it doesn't work that way for me.

So note to self:
Just hope away and keep the faith fira! ;F


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Not so great new year?

So this brand new year started like a piece of crap.
Had to send my sissy to melaka for her studies.
So i am feeling rather down right now. Hmm :(

Just wanna say,