Friday, July 23, 2010

this week.

hello everyone!
so today,weirdly enough i feel like writing. haha
this week was just normal for me.
i've made a fool of myself a couple of times in class. ah wait,it's last last week. haha.
then wednesday i had a fever. that day was hard since i am too good to skip school(yeah right,lol,but i did went to school tho')
it was okay in the morning,then when afternoon came,it's just got worst.
then went home n sleep n sleep.
ah, that's pretty much what happened this week. (did i spell 'happened' right? lol)
and tomorrow gotta go camping at school. ah GREAT! =(
Anyway,note to self this week=
try not to take sleeping pills! haha!
lots of love,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sad wednesday.

hello everyone!
yeah,i've noticed everytime i wrote something,i'll sound veryy down indeed.
well,today it seems like there's no difference at all.
i have this problem inside my mind, and at last i'll end up in a state of depression.
i will think too much,and i'll worry too much because everything is lower beyond my expectations.
i really wish i had the eyes of watching things in a positive way,but it only lasts for seconds.
so yeah,shit happens.
i'm not a happy person,i know that. haha.
ah well,hoping for august to come really fast,2 of my favourite band are going to release a brand new album.
lets just hope for a great august shall we?
lots of love