Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fira's rant for the day :)


It's friday yesh! That means the weekend mood starts now :)
So there's this one issue i've got in mind,it's boring to you maybe but it's IMPORTANT for me.
I think that kids nowadays are RUDE to their elders,dont yu think so? I've met with a lot of people who always banging/throwing stuff just to let their anger out. I dont care if you do that but i do care when there's someone older near you when u're doing it. For instance the teacher is right in front of you and yet you kept throwing stuff,kick the chair out of ur way and all. Show some fucking respect dude! Dont act like that! That's freaking rude!

Alright that's my rant for today haha!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm hurt.

Hi amazing people?

Yeah,my finger is like currently bleeding right now

Haha,i'm too dramatic,i take this picture from the internet
Honestly,the bleeding is not severe like the picture,i'm just exaggerating i guess haha
Anyways,today i have a really bad luck,
Got myself into an accident,well,twice actually.
Firstly,some asshole hit our car while we were driving in our own lane.
Then,the guy just drove off,so me and my mom went to the police station and settle things there,make report la and all.
Then the police said that we can't claim the asshole's insurance if he didn't make a report about the accident in this 24 hours.
So now,let's just hope that punk have a lil' bit of conscience in him and report it. Fat chance. Ah shit him lol.

Anyways,so the second accident is just now,my pinky tersepit kat in between meja yg boleh lipat2 tu. Get it? Haha
So yeah,quite a bad day,but i am okay. Better than the days that i'm having last week. Actually today i'm not depressed at all! Great for me,bad for the haters out there boohoo!! :P
Just pissed off back then and now i am okay with the way things roll,hope it lasts for a long time :)

Alright that's it for today,
Have a nice day!

Lots of love,