Saturday, November 13, 2010

a little help?

hi great people.

alright,since exams already finished quite a week ago, i think i want to paint my room.
i've got this one paint in my mind ,but i don't know where i can get it. the paint is =


ahh,i don't know where to get it,i think i should change my idea,but it would be amazingly sick if my bedroom walls can glows!
ahh,i want it. mummy daddy please get me one? hehe.

anyways,so do you know where i can get one?
tell me if you know okay? thanks.

lots of love,

Friday, November 12, 2010



ah,today i'm quite happy!
haha,i don't knoe why though,i'm just happy. crazy and weird aite?

hmm,let's see what i have in mind for now,i am glad that=
1. monday might be the last day of school for this year.
2. there's like 2 months (give or take) that i'm FREE!
3. tomorrrow is the weekend.
4. monday is coming nearer and i can watch sungkyunkwan scandal (korean drama). haha,this might sound funny but i like it.

well,that's pretty much it.
alright then,have a greaat day. bye!

lots of love,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


hi amazing people!

so today is just normal for me,a typical sad wednesday day! lol. (does that makes sense at all?)

anyway,so today is quite depressing.
went to school,seat for 2 exam papers.
then,went home,try to learn my favourite song on ukulele,but it turned out like shit. haha.
i'm just too dumb to play the ukulele. =(
ahh,pretty much that's all what i did for today.
i'll write again later then!

bye,thanks for reading this! =p

lots of love,