Thursday, May 27, 2010

happy afternoon!

hello great people!

holiday starts now!

haha,actually,i'm already on holiday for a couple of days early, due to this problem i had.

so i just skip school yesterday n today b'coz i want to run away from it.

wo,yeah i know,running away is no good,so dont try it at home. haha.

ah well,now i have 2 weeks FREE and i will forget the issues until school starts back,

so i just wanna wish you guys a verryy happpyyy holidayyy!

lots of love,


take a look in my mind,
i've done everything i never cared for,
today let me sit here in silence,
i just need it.
artword by,

thursday thursday.

hello there sassy pants!
woah,ive come to decision that,this month is the worst month of all..
everything is tearing apart. =(
ah well,on the brighter side,tomorrow im going to teluk cempedak! haha,then maybe we're going to cherating also. wow.
i dunno but currently i'm kinda sick of home.
alright,that's all for now.
i dunno if there's anyone will read this or not,haha nevertheless,i just write what's on my mind.
thanks to YOU for reading this.
you're AWESOME! =p
lots of love,