Thursday, October 29, 2009


happy thursday!

yeah, at last, i went to school just now. lol!

at school, me n my frends do nothing else but PLAY games!

first,we had to play 'tujuh tin' thingy.

i don't really noe how to play it,haha. i just go with da flow.

but we still win though. =p

we continue the day by playing cards (sakai game)

i almost get sakai yu noe,but thank god,i didn't. i only get sak! (pheww)

then,after having our recess,we went to our hall to listen an hour long lecture.

gosh,it really killed me. so darn bored.

erm,then my mom n me went to tesco to buy some groceries.

anyway,i am quite happy coz in a couple of hours time,me n my family will be heading to my

sister's apartment to pick her up. yeayy!

haha,funny actually,eventhough i just met my sister 2 days ago,i still miss her now.

well,dats all fer now. bye!

have a nice day!

lots of love,

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


happy evening!

wahh, the thunder is so scary just now. i am alone at me house when dat thunder thingy

happened so u can imagine how i feel. lol!

rite now i am quite upset b'coz of sumthing.

any ideas on how to cheer meself up? hmm.

anyways,i don't think i can post my artword now that i am not in a right state.

i am so sorry,i will post it when i'm okay though. =p

alrite,have to go, i may not happy now but i still am hoping yu guys have a nice day!

lots of love,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

bouncing bounce!

happy afternoon!

just wanna say hi. hehe.

i skip school today n now i have nothing to do. hmm.

ohh,it's raining here,gahh,hope there's no lightning comin'.

alrite then, have to go. it seems thunder is going to come in 'bout any seconds now.

ohh,i will post some of my artwords later today, so look out fer it!

have a nice day!

lots of love,

fantasy in VAIN

It's 2:15,
Under the moonbeam,
Where pleasure comes out,
Thinking of the past,
Oh Lord, if only we could go back,
To the days when we were only kids,
Without nothing to worries,
Hoping for the carousel to keep spinning,
Play like there is no tomorrow,
With a blissful thoughts,
Where everyone we met is fucking nice.
The thoughts are fucking crumbled down to nothing,
People we met,
Is full of cyanide.
All i can do,
Is on my knees,
Praying to God,
To give me some strength to face it.

artword by,


Monday, October 26, 2009

deadly bored.

happy afternoon!

gahh,today is super duper boring.

well,since my sister got her exams around the corner, so she had to study n here i am,doing


erm,i think i'm gonna post some of my artwords later today, cant wait!

alrite,c yah!

have a nice daay!

lots of love,

Newly new!

happy evening!

hai. it's my first time blogging so excuse the lameness. haha.

just so yu noe though,this blog is pretty much about the life of fira and some of my artwords.

enjoy reading and please,please,please spread the words.

thanks! u are great!

have a nice day!