Tuesday, December 22, 2009


hi sassy pants!
ahh,these past 2 days has been a rough time fer me.
have u ever felt,
when anxiety combines with too much frustration?
well,im in dat shit rite now.
and my paranoia is getting to my head as well. shit always happens when you in a low mood eh?
im feeling mope n it's just got worst by the day.
i dunno wat to do.
ah well,thats all fer now.
have a nice day.
lots of love,

Sunday, December 20, 2009

sunday sunday!

hello there!

it's been a long time i didn't post blogs. well here i am again!

it's a new year a few days ago (for muslims anyway) n i've bin a really
bad daughter,sister n a bad friend for last year n before.

so, this year im looking for a change. to be a better person,friend,sister n daughter.

so here's my shout to yu,

'I'm sorry for every time i hurt you in any way. i'm trying to change so lets start a new year with good hearts. i mean it.'

lots of love,

Saturday, December 19, 2009

sarawakians are all hot and sexyy!

happy sunday!
yeah,me n family went to Sarawak for 1 n a half exciting week!
ah,my title explains evriting already.
Sarawakians are waaaay hotter n sexier than 'org semenanjung'! haha!
and nope,there's no 'cawat, sumpit n blablabla'. even if there is,they are still prettier tho.
so stop being a stereotype n start travelling so u can see how big the outside world are!
now let the pic talks! =
at the Kucing International airport
we passed thru that door when we reached there. haha

this is DUN Sarawak(dewan undangan negeri)

inside DUN's Tower


delicious! (home made rum) haha

the Spring shopping mall.

Riverside Magestic shopping mall. we watched movie marathon here. so fuckin' awesome =p

i got myself a friggin' tatts on the last day! haha sucker!

alrite,thats all fer now.
have a nice day!
lots of love,