Friday, March 11, 2011

wishlists! =)

Hai hai!

It's 11pm and i 'm kinda bored. so i've come up with a topic to post about. it's about '5 things i wish i could do right NOW' =) so here goes:

1. Tokyoo! i want to go to tokyo,japan =)

2. and then it leads to my second wish,which is to have the entire collection of everthing-you-could-find comics! I've heard that tokyo is quite famous with comics,am i wrong? haha! just look at this room down here,full with comics! ahh <3

3. my third wish is to own my very own shop. not just a typical shop,i want it to look modern and cool and yet quite messy probably? eh? haha, that's how this picture down here looks to my eye and i love it! it's exactly like what i've said just now and what i've always wanted! check it out :
modern,cool,messy! nice!

4. this one is quite random. i wish i can play on this carousel again. but can't though,i'm too big for this thing LOOOL! =( last wish for now. i want to meet Mr. Drew! he is such a great artist! =)

ahhh,that's it. i just think of this wish just now, since i have nothing to think about apparently! haha! it may change over time,my wish. well,people do change right? for the better or for the worst,i don't know but it will happen for sho'! =p

lasstly,happy holiday amazing people!