Sunday, January 24, 2010


the carnage,
saddens me.
the carnage,
saddens me.
come on,
put your jacket on,
lace up your shoes,
lets work our way,
to a scene,
where people lives in peace.
for we live in this world,
for just this once.
we live in this world,
just this once.
come on,
lets lead our life,
in peace.
atrword by,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

idiot cunt

can't have let you,
living your life,
in your own thoughts.
every wasted second,
you curled your lips into a smile,
thinking you're closed to God.
it fucking disturbs my mind.
wake the fuck up!
you sentence us,
by what you have looked.
you don't fucking know us.
you don't fucking know the future.
you son of a bitch!
shut the fuck up,
coz you don't even know the truth,
about this rope,
we're holding tight to.
you're just humiliating,
artword by,

ateng ateng!

dear ateng,
haha,ateng nak pindaah ye? =(
er,ateng,sori taw kalo me buat salah then ateng da trase,sori taw2..
then,gud luck kat skola baru tu. jgn lupa kite org.
erm,then sori xdtg farewell party tu. =(
nnt cuti jum outing! =p
okayla,we will miss u n we love yu!
have a nice day ateng! =p
lots of love,

Friday, January 8, 2010

first week?

happy saturday!
yeah,it's been a week since school starts.
so my fisrt week is just the same as my everyday experience in school. It sucks big time.
ah,wat a loser i am. haha.
anyway,i just learned something = to just shut the fuck up.
hmm,this year i dont really want to be in a fight. i just think it's stupid.
i dont like people to think im 2 face or something.
well,if you do, you might need to ask people whether i talk trashed 'bout u or not coz if u havent notice,i never talk trashed.
i may have done it and not remember it in the past,God knows,and i'm sorry, i regret it with all my hearts.
so yeah,i'm sorry without reasons. i'm just sorry if you're hurt by what i've done.
have a nice day.
lots of love,