Wednesday, November 30, 2011

freedom =)

hi there!
ooh,blog ni dah mati untuk masa yang agak lama dah.
but i'm here alreadeh!

quick update ;

SPM is over dy!! hehe

so,now dah after beberapa bulan since i wrote the last post,a lot of things happen dy.
now i feel older =.=
and i see things quite differently now.
i don't know whether it's for the better or for the worse cause i'm quite lost at sea sometimes.
speaking of sea,i feel like want to travel by the means of water transportation! yes my friends,sailing a ship would be cool. (drive kereta pun tak boleh,nak bawak kapal pfft)
okay takda point,it's okay. but waaiiit.., that's the point!
this bring me to another topic! i like to talk pointless stuff,ooh..
and my sis is the only one who understand what i'm talking about haha
well it's okay then, cause i'm COOL that way ececeeh =)

conclusion is,if you understand what i'm trying to say,give yourself a round of applause teehee =)

alright,have a great day people!